Monday, March 14, 2011

heat in india

i have a masochistic streak.  one of the ways it's manifested itself is in my decision to go native this time around and wear long sleeves, like the locals do.  this way i can both show respect to local customs, and suffer in the process.  now as the spring is turning into summer here i've come to fear the sun.  how absurd! i, who have always claimed seasonal affective disorder and my eternal love of heat, i am afraid of the sun.  at 12 degrees north, the sun's beams are like needles and razors somehow combined.

making this heat even less pleasant is the fact that i'm now sick.  i can no longer deny it.  without getting too detailed, let it suffice to say that the symptoms are for the most part gastrointestinal, with some coughing thrown in as an extra "fuck you."  it's a bummer, but getting sick like this is part of the india experience.  i got violently ill my first trip, and i thought i was going to escape unscathed this time.  as whitney sang, "it's not right, but it's okay."  at least i'll get that much skinnier in my last week here, which is all i ever really wanted anyway. 

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